Board & Partners

This park is run by the

Waverley Amateur Athletic Association

It is the WAAA's mission to support outdoor recreation and sport in our community.

The WAAA is a volunteer group whose primary focus is to maintain and improve Waverley's Charles L. McDonald Sports Park. The group is comprised of approximately 10 board members and has been in existence since 1963.

The McDonald Sports Park is situated on 130 acres of crown land which is leased yearly from the Department of Natural Resources. The park has 7km's of trails, of which 2km border scenic Lake Thomas. The WAAA board has many new enthusiastic board members who are keen to rejuvenate the park. Besides all the organizations who use the park, there are individual walkers, bikers, naturalists, bird watchers, swimmers, photographers, family picnics, etc. Waverley has a reputation of being a physically active community; let's keep it this way and encourage more people to participate in physical activity as a means of promoting health and preventing disease.

The WAAA celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 and is always seeking new members to help us with the McDonald Sports Park as well a to help promote active lifestyles in our community.

Partners With A WAAA Representitive:


LWF Baseball

Lakeview Waverley Fall River Minor Baseball Homepage. Area teams for all ages.


Halifax Nordic

Halifax Nordic Ski Club is a community organization of over 400 Nordic skiers who enjoy cross-country skiing in the Halifax region.


Cheema Aquatic Club

A globally recognized canoe and kayak club providing opportunities for youth to achieve success at every level as athletes and in life.


Biathlon NS - Bears

The Biathlon Bears is the introductory program where athletes learn the skills of skiing and shooting in a safe an educational way with a focus on sportsmanship and fun.


Waverley Community Association

The Waverley Community Association (WCA) has been active as a volunteer community organization for more than 25 years.