Common Activities

Walking & Hiking

The park is very popular for walking and light hiking through much of the year. Shirley Anne trail, which travels along the West side of Lake Thomas is senic and generally well groomed. Many of the other trails are slightly more technical and provide more natural footing. Dogs are welcome in the park but you must keep them on leash and pick-up after your pet.

If trails are snow covered; please wear snowshoes on groomed trails to prevent trail disruption.

To check out the trails in the park; see the maps button below:


All of the park trails are open to cycling and ther is a pump as well as some desiged for cycling trails. Pump track is to the east side of the entrance to the Shirley Anne Trail.

If trails are snow covered; please only use fat bikes (3" or wider tires). Do not rut groomed trails with tire marks.

To check out the trails in the park; see the maps button below:

Ball Sports

From late spring to early fall, the park regularly hosts ball games. For info on game times or to find out about booking the field, please use the button below to head to the LWF Baseball website.

Canoe & Kayak

With parking not far from the launch beach and the well known Cheema Aquatic Club next door, Lake Thomas is a fantastic location for a padding or fishing where the area south of the 102 bridge is a no wake zone if paddlers are on the lake.

Ski & Showshoe

When a suitable base of snow exists, the McDonald Sports Park Trails are fantastically groomed for Classic and Skate skiing by the Halifax Nordic Ski Club. The trail route in the park was origionally designed by Bryan Scallion to be suitable for Nordic Skiing.

Meetups, Events, & Rentals

We regularly have meet-up groups such as East Coat Mountain Biking (ECMTB) as well as various walking groups in the park.

Attention event organizers and cool companies! The McDonald Sports Park is a great place for many outdoor events and pricing to rent a space is very reasonable.
Past events include both day and night running races, cyclocross races, zombie runs, as well as nortic ski classes, canoe workshops, and company summer parties.
Check out our News & Events Page to learn about upcoming events or see our Contact-Us page to inquire about your rental interests.